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Warrior Atlatl

Warrior Atlatl

The Warrior Atlatl is designed after a specimen found in a cave in Nevada which is dated to over 5000 years old. The slender Type II weight allows for a finer, more precise response to the flex of the Atlatl. Its distributed mass and unique method of hafting causes the Atlatl to flex more efficiently that with any other weight type.

Warrior Atlatl handle

The Warrior Atlatl also features a cord and weighted handle. This extra mass gives the thrower a firmer grip on the atlatl, transferring more energy to the Dart and stabilizing the swing for improved and consistent accuracy.

All BPS custom and production line Atlatls are made from selected straight grain hard maple shafts and feature our exclusive, fully adjustable hand grip design. Every handle is wrapped with top-quality leather, the same used for baseball mitts, and fitted with individually adjustable split leather finger loops. This design guarantees a sure and comfortable grip, perfectly accenting the beauty of the polished and oiled maple shaft.

Our weighted Atlatls are precisely flexed and tuned to perfection for use with our Penetrator Aluminum Darts. This technology, applied thousands of years ago by ancient Native Americans, allowed Atlatls to store and release spring energy in phase with the spring energy stored and released by the Dart. When tuned by the weight the amount and rate at which the Atlatl stores and releases energy is precisely matched to that of the Dart. This precise matching of energies generates smooth and powerful launches in excess of 100 mph, distances in excess of 150 yards and accuracy unmatched by any other Atlatl and Dart System.

Antler spur on the tip of a Warrior Atlatl

All production Atlatls feature a polished Antler spur and beeswaxed artificial sinew bindings throughout for a durable and authentic look. BPS has been producing the finest Atlatl systems in the world, engineered to exacting standards, since 1984.

Made from our top grade maple shafts and tuned to mathematical perfection the Warrior is the finest atlatl in the world. Together with the Penetrator Aluminum Dart the Warrior Atlatl System is unsurpassed in distance and accuracy throughout the world.