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Penetrator Aluminum Darts

XX75 Gamegetter

BPS Precision Aluminum Darts and Atlatls are skillfully engineered to be the finest, fastest, and more accurate Atlatl and Dart System manufactured today. Tuned and precisely matched to the Atlatl for length and flexibility, our one-piece penetrator darts are designed for performance and durability. These high quality aluminum darts are manufactured from the finest grade Easton shafts.

Joining an atlatl dart

Length restrictions prohibit the delivery of one-piece darts to some countries. In these cases, quality two-piece darts with the same mathematical and physical properties will be shipped. Manufactured from the finest grade Easton shafts, XX75s. These darts feature a precision pressure-fit aluminum connection at the middle for easy storage and transportation. From a shipping length of less than 32 inches they assemble to a total length of 63 inches in seconds. It is, however, important to note that this is not a collapsible dart, but a one time assembly required.

Penetrator dart head

Each dart comes with a case hardened target point and will accept any standard archery broadhead. With a mass of 67 grams and a velocity in excess of 100 mph, the Penetrator has power plus!

Fletchings on a Penetrator Dart

*Please Note: dart shaft color may vary from photos on this page.