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Northern Plains Atlatl

Weight on Northern Plains Atlatl Spur on Northern Plains Atlatl

The atlatl weight on the Northern Plains atlatl, shown above, is a simple device, but it still keeps the atlatl in tune with the thrower and the dart, improving range, power, and accuracy of the atlatl dart being thrown.

Leather finger loops on a Northern Plains Atlatl

The bone or antler spur, shown to the left, provides purchase for the atlatl dart when being thrown. The sinew lashing holds the spur in place.

Finger loops, shown to the right, on the Northern Plains atlatl facilitate the proper grip of the atlatl and keep the atlatl from slipping when throwing a dart.

As with all our authentic reproduction altatls, a telephone consultation is required for purchase to make sure that we are producing the correct custom atlatl to meet your display needs in your museum or trophy room. Call us at (406) 284-3307 or complete our on-line order form to schedule your consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you.

We recommend authentic atlatl darts to complete any display of authentic atlatls. The authentic atlatl darts, like all our authentic reproduction atlatls, use natural materials.