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How Atlatls Work

Throwing a Dart with an Atlatl

In the first image (above), you can see how the atlatl dart flexes as it is propelled forward by the atlatl as it is thrown by Atlatl Bob. Proper flex in the atlatl dart is imperative in both distance and accuracy.

Atlatl dart flexing through the swing of the atlatl.

The dart continues to flex and store energy as the swing of the atlatl continues. This stored energy allows the dart to fly farther and to have more force on impact than a rigid spear.

Launching an atlatl dart from the atlatl.

The dart launches striaght from the atlatl. Accuracy with the atlatl and dart requires practice, just as it would with a bow and arrow or any other type of projectile.

Atlatl dart continues to flex as it travels

The dart continues to flex as it leaves the atlatl traveling toward its target. This can be seen more clearly in my dart throwing video.