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Great Basin Atlatl

Weight on a Great Basin Atlatl

The long and narrow weight on this reproduction Great Plains atlatl by BPS Engineering is typical of artifacts from this region. You can order your own authentic replica atlatl from Atlatl Bob and get your own piece of archaeology.

Leather finger loops on a Great Basin Atlatl

Leather finger loops hand tied with sinew on this authentic replica Great Plains atlatl.

Spur on a Great Basin Atlatl

Bone or antler atlatl spurs are used on the Great Plains atlatl. To make sure your authentic replica atlatl meets your specific needs as to materials, we require a phone consultation on each specific project. Call us at (406) 284-3307 or order on-line to schedule your call.

Spur on a Great Basin Atlatl

Both the atlatl weight (shown below) and the spur (right and above) are hand tied with sinew as the original artifacts were. In your phone consultation when you order your custom atlatl we can discuss the specific materials you need used to create the specific replica atlatl that meets your needs and our exacting standards.

Atlatl weight on a Great Basin Atlatl