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Drawing of a Primitive Man Throwing a Dart with an Atlatl

Drawing of a primitive man throwing a dart with an Atlatl
A Profile View of a Dart Being Thrown with an Atlatl

profile view (about 700k)of a dart being thrown with an atlatl.

This drawing shows an atlatl being used to throw a dart. You can see how the atlatl dart flexes as it is released from the atlatl. The force applied to the rear of the atlatl dart gives it sufficient thrust so that the dart can fly both further and more accurately.

We don't know this primitive man's target when throwing, but we're confident he hit. After all, he's using an atlatl to throw that dart. We also don't know if someone used Atlatl Bob as their model for this atlatlist drawing...

Today, Atlatl Bob makes both functional atlatls for everyday use and archaeologically accurate atlatls suitable for museum display (but still fully functional).

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