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The Key Marco "Bobcat" Effigy Atlatl

The "bobcat" effigy atlatl was found in the marsh and muck on Marco Island in Florida, then known as Key Marco, in an 1896 expedition sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute.

Here are four views of an early replica by Atlatl Bob of this magnificent artifact was found in a site with relics that date from 5,000 years to 1,200 years old.

Detail of Bobcat Atlatl
The carved end of one of the Bobcat triplets, a set of museum quality replica atlatls by Atlatl Bob.

Photos of the "Bobcat Triplets" courtesy of LeeC, Mammoth Ivory Creations, 2009.

More recently, Atlatl Bob has done a set of reproductions of the Key Marco Atlatl known as the "Bobcat Triplets."

These replicas were ordered by the Fort Myer Historical Museum in late 2008. The museum needed a set of matching atlatls to be used at the museum as interpretive display pieces.

These reproductions of the Key Marco atlatl are genetically matched. They are all made from the same grain layer of an osage orange log. The originals were all intricately carved from a tough wood, and these authentic replica atlatls remain true to the style and quality of the carving.

The "headpiece" on the original artifact is debated as being a bobcat, a jaguarundi, an Everglades mink, the traditional face-mask paint of the Calusa, or some kind of generic water totem. The grooves of the original artifact were not included in these specimens and the carving has notably been redefined as a bobcat.

The back side of the three matched replicas of the Key Marco atlatl artifact

Though there has been much debate over the nature of the carving on the original artifact, this debate and discussion among professional archaeologists and atlatl enthusiasts is healthy for the archeology of atlatls and for the field of archeology in general. was there some kind of belief tied to this particular carving, or was it just one primitive hunter and tool maker leaving his mark on his (or her) tool?

The front of the three matched replicas of the Key Marco atlatl artifact

You can have your own replica of the Key Marco "Bobcat" Atlatl, or any other atlatl from the archaeological record. Due to the fine detail involved in our hand-made replicas, a phone consultation is necessary on all replica atlatls. Call us today at (406) 284-3307 or make your request on-line so we can start on your hand made piece today.

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