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Basketmaker Atlatl

Closeup of handle of a Basktemaker Atlatl

The attention to detail on the wrappings on an authentic reproduction Basketmaker Atlatl.

Closeup of weights on a Basketmaker Atlatl

The distinctive double weights on the Basketmaker Atlatl. These are held in place with a single central sinew wrapping each.

Closeup of spur on a Basketmaker Atlatl

The spur on the Basketmaker Atlatl is carved into the wood of the atlatl body, rather than being a separate attached piece.

All authentic atlatls require a consultation so we can make sure we are producing the atlatl you need and that it will meet your needs and our exacting standards for quality and accuracy. Call (406) 284-3307 or complete our order form to schedule your consultation today.