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Authentic Replica Atlatl Darts

Authentic Atlatl Dart

Authentic Darts are manufactured completely of natural materials, starting with the gathering of red osier dogwood saplings along the Gallatin River. The shafts are hand straightened over an open fire in a manner dating back to the dawn human tradition. They are then tuned to the proper flexibility and finished with hand trimmed turkey feathers and deer sinew bindings. These darts are museum quality and compare favorably with the few archaeological specimens recovered.

Authentic Arrow Head Tips on Authentic Atlatl Darts

The Dart is drilled and socketed to accept a foreshaft. The foreshaft is also an innovation unique to the Americas. It allowed the ancient hunter to change a broken stone point as easily as a modern hunter chambers a new bullet. Each Authentic Dart comes with one foreshaft with a finely chipped stone point, hafted in pine pitch, and bound with deer sinew.

Our Authentic Darts are fully functional. In fact, they are mathematically the same as our Penetrator aluminum darts in design and performance.

Our Authentic Atlatl Darts make a great complement to our Authentic Replica Atlatls.