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Atlatl Video Documentary

2006 Documentary Short Film Staring Atlatl Bob

This video, starring Atlatl Bob, is the complete 2006 student documentary, Atlatl, by Jeremy Roberts. Atlatl provides some information about atlatl mechanics and some on atlatl archeology. This video is both educational and entertaining. We hope you enjoy it. Please be patient while this video clip downloads. The clip is 5 minutes of full motion video and audio, so the download may take some time. There are some shorter clips available through the links below if you are not sure if you want to wait for this clip to load.

Atlatl documnetary video staring Atlatl Bob of in MP4 format.

The video is about 11.7Meg and lasts just over 5 minutes. Please be patient while the file downloads. If you do not have a current version of Quicktime installed on your computer, you can download Quicktime from Apple or download the video directly and view it with another player (you may need to right-click and select "Save As...").

You can also view video of Atlatl Bob (1.9M), a profile shot of an atlatl dart being thrown (700k), or an over-the-shoulder-view of an atlatl dart being thrown (211k).