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Atlatl Video Clip

Footage from a 2006 Film

This video, starring Atlatl Bob, is from a 2006 student documentary film by Jeremy Roberts. This particular excerpt looks over the shoulder of the thrower as he throws the dart away from the camera.

Over-the-shoulder view of Atlatl Bob throwing a dart with an atlatl

The video is about 211k and lasts about 6 seconds. Please be patient while the file downloads. If you do not have a current version of Quicktime installed on your computer, you can download Quicktime from Apple or download the video directly and view it with another player (you may need to right-click and select "Save As...").

You can also view video of Atlatl Bob (1.9M) or a profile shot of an atlatl dart being thrown (700k), or you can view the entire documentary film (11.7M).