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Atlatl Shipping and Availability


I ship atlatls and darts everywhere in the world. It's as simple as that. I've shipped to all seven continents, which is more than most businesses can say. Yes, I've even shipped atlatls to McMurdo Station on Antarctica!

Shipping in the United States is $18.00.

For our standard 'production' Warrior Atlatl and Penetrator Atlatl Dart, shipping to Canada is $28.00 (U.S. dollars), and shipping elsewhere in the world is $64.00. Because of package size restrictions, orders to some countries may receive 2 piece Penetrator darts rather than the one piece darts.

For orders that include authentic atlatl darts, special shipping arrangements may be necessary to accommodate longer packages traveling outside the United States.

I proudly ship BPS Engineering atlatl and dart systems via USPS Priority Mail.

Purchaser is responsible for all import fees, tariffs, or taxes on orders shipped to them.

Atlatl Availability

I am both blessed and cursed with a popular product, and all my products are hand crafted with care and attention to detail.

Though I do try to have product in stock for delivery when ordered, most items are made to order and will ship as soon as they are completed. It's just me and three cats, please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery of your fine, top-quality production line warrior atlatl and penetrator darts. Orders shipped outside the U.S. may require additional time for shipping and delivery. Please make sure you provide your complete and correct address when you order to help expedite delivery.

For custom orders, authentic replica atlatls or authentic atlatl darts additional time will be needed, and a telephone consultation is required.