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The Bird of Prey bannerstone atlatl

Check out Bird of Prey Bannerstone Atlatl, an artistic interpretation of the traditional bannerstone atlatls, influenced by carved elements found in many artifacts.

The Bobcat Atlatl Triplets

Check out Bobcat Triplets, a set of genetically matched reproductions of the Key Marco Atlatl found in 1896.

The Bow and Arrow is not the novel invention people today believe it to be, but rather a progression of existing technology. The existing technology, for thousands of years, was that of the Atlatl and Dart. Like the Bow, the Atlatl accelerates a flexible shaft from the rear. For the Bow the flexible shaft is called an Arrow. For the Atlatl the flexible shaft is called a Dart. Research by BPS Engineering has proven that the only difference between these two weapons - and a minor one at that - is the type of acceleration imparted to the rear of the flexible shaft. The Bow is a linear accelerator, accelerating the Arrow from the rear in a straight line. The Atlatl is an angular accelerator, accelerating the Dart from the rear in an arc. But, appearances aside, both physically and mathematically the Bow and the Atlatl are exactly the same type of weapon.

Learn more about the relationship between the bow and arrow and its precursor, the atlatl and dart system.

Highest Quality Atlatls for Sale

At BPS Engineering, Atlatl Bob produces the highest quality production atlatl and dart systems for sale to the public. The Warrior Atlatl, our production model is still a high quality, hand crafted, display quality atlatl, and just happens to be the most reliable and efficient Atlatl on the market. And the production-line Penetrator Aluminum Dart is the sturdiest and most accurate Atlatl Dart avaliable. Whether you're interested in purchasing an atlatl for target practice or for hunting - or even just for demonstration purposes - the Warrior Atlatl from Atlatl Bob here at BPS Engineering is your best choice for quality and reliability.

Watch the Atlatl Documentary Video

Now Available! Check out the Atlatl documentary video starring Atlatl Bob! This 5 minute film by Jeremy Roberts is a must-see for all Atlatl Bob fans!

In addition to the production line Warrior Atlatl and its companion the Penetrator Aluminum Dart we have for sale from BPS Engineering, Atlatl Bob also produces the finest Authentic Replica Atlatls and companion Authentic Atlatl Darts based on the archaeological record. These museum-quality display pieces make a fine addition to any natural history or anthropology museum display, and are suitable for display in any home or office as a piece of decorative art.

You can buy your own authentic or artistic replica atlatl made by the one and only Atlatl Bob today, or if you are considering getting an atlatl and dart system for a friend or colleague as gift, you can purchase the best product from BPS Engineering.

BPS Engineering has reintroduced the Atlatl and Dart so that humans today can rediscover our past to better understand our future.

Warrior Atlatl

Thanks to our Stone Age Ancestors, all of us have an Atlatl in our past.
Field & Stream September 1993